DIY Bilingual Books

Project Acknowledgements

TWO In ONE DIY Bilingual Books has grown from a need to find viable ways to create and print bilingual books with our rich multicultural and local Aboriginal communities.

Maintaining language diversity is vital to preserving the richness that our different cultures offer each other and the world. Languages hold and communicate the wealth and diversity of human ideas and knowledge.

Research shows us, that speaking two or more languages from an early age can be invaluable to brain and language develop in children into adulthood. The latest research even goes as far as to draw links between staving off dementia in those who have dual languages from an early age.

If languages are allowed to become extinct, our community looses all the understanding and knowledge that is carried within that language.

The following individuals and organizations have kindly supported this project to make it a true community based project.
DIY Bilingual books would like to thank the following people for their translation contributions and community support.

Thanks to Organizations

Thanks to Individuals

Sarah Bingle
Cranbourne Library Service

Aunty Fay Stewart-Muir
Boon Wurrung Elder

Fran McKechnie
Community Services
Greater Dandenong

Melinda Shelly
123 Read to Me

Lucy Zammit
Book Design

Zaidee Jackson
BJ Ball

Hazel Edwards

Tilka Brown
The Language Toolbox

Caroline Ashton
Cranbourne Gardens

Sergio Fontana
Web Design

Jess Waters
Wooranna Parks PS

Jaffa Richardson
Cranbourne Gardens

Karen Chaur
IB Specialist

Jane Bezzina
Events Management

Robin Burns
Cranbourne Library Services

Leyna Ackterberg
Design Support

Cindy-Lee Harper

Robyn Donoghue
Tucker Road Primary School

Translation Acknowledgements and Thanks

Aunty Fay Stewart-Muir
Boon Wurrung Elder
Boon Wurrung Translation